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Selling property in Thailand

Are you considering selling a dwelling in Thailand?

If you wish to sell your holiday home in Thailand it will, like in Denmark, be the natural thing for most people to sell through a local estate agency.

Unlike in Denmark, however, in Thailand property is normally put up for sale at more than one estate agency, so you may choose to make a deal with several agencies at the same time.

The buyer normally pays the agent´s salary in Thailand, so in theory the salary is not the seller´s problem. In reality, though, this practice means something for the buyer who will have less to pay you, so it is still in your interest that the agent´s salary is not unreasonably high. The level is often between 3 and 5 per cent of the sales sum.

You can, of course, also sell without using an estate agency, even if particularly showing potential buyers your property may prove somewhat troublesome if you are selling a holiday home without being a resident yourself.

Another consideration is which kind of advice, apart from the estate agent´s, you need to sell your property. In Thailand, estate agents are not subject to the same strict legal rules as in Denmark. If you sell through a local agent, he or she will typically be perfectly able to work out a draft for you, but as to legal responsibility and the sale agreement, in most cases you will need a solicitor. The solicitor can read all relevant documents in the original language and sum them up for you, or, even better, see to it that they are translated.

How you want to advertise your property in order to get in contact with the largest possible number of potential buyers constitutes a qualified choice in itself. If you have chosen a local estate agency, this agency will normally advertise your property locally, but typically there will be no access to, say, Danish buyers.

By putting up a property ad at RobinHus Thailand yourself you can advertise your property in Thailand for all potential Danish buyers. This is extra marketing you may choose to use no matter if you have made an agreement with a local estate agent or if you sell yourself.
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Important! Legal information: RobinHus International is an open advertising platform for properties geographically located outside Denmark. RobinHus International can be used by both private sellers and professional agents. Properties advertised on this platform are not in commission with neither RobinHus A/S nor the RobinHus estate agents, as RobinHus only provides advertising services. All contact regarding said properties must be directed to the advertiser, and information regarding the properties is supplied by the advertisers themselves and is therefore not checked or guaranteed by RobinHus.
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